Friday, March 13, 2009

My trip

I had such a wonderful time visiting my sister, Betsy, and her family in January. I had so much fun holding the baby and visiting with Betsy and her husband, Geoff. It felt strange to be in an alternate universe where there was only one baby to take care of, and I wasn't even the mom. During the flights and layovers, I was able to read an entire 500+ page book. I was also able to see some dear friends while I was there. Thank you to everyone who made this fabulous trip possible!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adorable Little Pills

Andrew and Daniel

These are the pajamas they got for Christmas. There is a picture of a monkey on a snowboard, and it says, "I do my own stunts."

I am so grateful for my two little boys. I have so much fun with them during the day. They love to go to the store with me and to the YMCA and to play in the backyard and get dirty. Don't let those innocent-looking faces fool you, though. These two partners in crime are on a constant search for mischief. Just when I think my house is babyproof, they prove me wrong. Andrew loves his "ov-alls." I found another pair for him in our boxes of boy clothes, and now Daniel can wear his old ones.

Daniel loves to wear Nathaniel's hat around the house all day.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Yes, that is snow coming down. We woke up to a thin blanket of snow on the ground yesterday, which melted very quickly. Nathaniel managed to find a patch of it and make a snowball, though. He couldn't find his gloves, and I decided against searching for another pair in the attic because I knew they wouldn't last long playing outside anyway. I was right. Less than five minutes after they excitedly ran out the door to play, they were back inside saying, "Mommy, it's too cold out there." The odd thing about the weather here is that by Friday it is supposed to get up to the high 70s!