Saturday, May 15, 2010

Emily's Song

My sweet Emily wrote me a song for Mother's Day. It was a wonderful gift! Here is a clip of her performing it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Awesome Kids

I think that should be the title of every post!

Jonathan is such a big boy. He already has four teeth and more are coming in. I put him in the front part of the shopping cart the other day. He is flying through his baby stages. He wears toddler size clothes and size 4 diapers. He turned 9 months yesterday.

Daniel is growing up fast, too. He is always paying attention, even when we don't think he is. The other day, we were in Sam's Club and I asked a worker where the formula was (they seem to move everything around every time I go in there--it drives me nuts!). Anyway, he didn't know so he called out to a co-worker a few aisles down, "Hey Chris! Where is the formula?" Chris told us where it was and went back to work. I thanked the man and started walking away. All of a sudden, Daniel yells out, "THANKS CHRIS!" Nathaniel and I had a good laugh about it.

Today is Andrew's last day of preschool. He has come a long way this past year. He is talking better and he knows his letters and he is starting to write his name. I can't believe that he will be in kindergarten in the fall! Here he is with his wonderful teacher, Miss Julia.

Emily wrote me a song for Mother's Day! She wrote the music and lyrics all by herself, and she even made her own sheet music. I've been trying all day to upload video of her playing the song, but it won't work. I'll try again next week.

Nathaniel is doing very well in school. I'm so proud of him for all he does, and he does it on his own. He had a huge year-long 4th grade project this year. I helped him by taking him to the library and buying his supplies and proofreading, but he did all the work. He got a 97%! He is a huge help to me at home. He plays with Jonathan and takes Daniel to the bathroom and plays outside with his younger siblings. Andrew is always so excited when Nathaniel comes home and plays outside with him. I love to watch them all playing together.