Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daniel Pumpernickel

If I am getting impatient with Daniel, and I say, "Daniel James!" he'll say, "No, Mommy, I'm Daniel Pumpernickel." He got it from a Disney show, and it makes me laugh every time. He has had so many cute sayings lately that I have to devote a post to it--

"Mommy, I dreamed that one of my friends got my trains and he took them home--it was a nightmare!"

After coming out of the YMCA where he held the door for us, then held it for a lady also, he said, "Mom, I helped a old lady!" Really loud. Luckily she was already inside.

After the YMCA we stopped by the library to drop off a book. As we were pulling out he said, "Mommy, are you sure this is the way home?" He says this A LOT. Like he has zero faith in my ability to find my way home.

"I was right and you were wrong, Mommy!" I can't remember what happened exactly, but he was right and I was wrong. It was just funny to hear it coming from his mouth.

"Why do we have to wear pants every day?"

"What if we wear play clothes to church? Will they lock us out?"

OK, so maybe these little sayings aren't as funny to others as they are to me, but he makes me laugh every day and I am so grateful to be his mommy!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


We had fun watching both Nathaniel and Michael receive scouting awards last month. Nathaniel earned his Tenderfoot award, and Michael was given his Woodbadge award.

I love this picture because of Michael's smile! He spent some time down in northern Florida for training and did a lot of work to earn this award. We're so proud of him!

Is that a cool necklace or what? Haha! He later hung this on the back of his tricycle. I think this picture was taken in the afternoon. I had just bought these pajamas for him the day before, and he refused to change out of them.

Here's my sweet Jonathan playing with cords. We have another Andrew in the making!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Day of School

Daniel was so excited to start preschool. He calls it "Little Kids School," and he would beg to go there every time we passed it all summer long--which was often because it is practically across the street from our neighborhood. Finally, he started at the beginning of August and he loves it!

Andrew is doing well in 1st grade at his new elementary school. They closed the school he was at, and we are very happy with the new one. We were surprised to find out that his teacher is someone we know from church, and we are very happy about that!

It turns out, a bus comes to our neighborhood in the mornings and afternoons to pick up and drop off Andrew. Emily can take the same bus to Andrew's school and get on her magnet school bus, but she doesn't get bussed home after school. I was surprised to hear that there would be a bus in our neighborhood because that wasn't the case last year. I guess we are far enough away from the new school. Anyway, my intention was to put him and Emily on the bus the first day and then go to Andrew's school to walk him to his classroom. There was a lot of traffic and the bus beat me there. I was so worried about Andrew getting to his class because he had only been there once! I didn't need to worry, though, because once I got there he was sitting quietly at his desk and coloring. He even looked at Daniel, Jonathan, and I and asked, "What are you doing here?" I was so proud of him for finding his class all by himself.

Emily is in 3rd grade this year. She has a planner and is very responsible. She will still take piano and dance as well.

Nathaniel was pretty worried about going to middle school, but I kept telling him he would love it. I was right! He did! We had taken him to the open house so he had a pretty good idea about where his classes were. The school is downtown and it has four floors! He said he found his way around and that he enjoys his classes and is making new friends.

I'm so glad the school year is off to a great start! Jonathan and I enjoy our quiet days on Monday and Friday when Daniel is at preschool. Jonathan even goes to "baby school"--he goes to Mom's Morning Out on Wednesdays at the same place where Daniel goes to preschool, from 9:30am-1:30pm. It's wonderful and he loves it!