Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Fun Day at the YMCA

Our YMCA had a Family Fun Day on Friday.  Once the kids saw the signs posted, they couldn't stop talking about it.  We had to go!  It was actually pretty cute.  They had a number of different games and activities.  The bouncy house is always a big hit with my kids.  They also served lunch and gave out prizes. 

Jonny liked seeing Mickey Mouse.  It took me a few minutes to pry him off of poor Mickey's leg.

He was also excited about meeting Cookie Monster and Elmo.
They were all pretty excited about Sponge Bob.  Andrew was off playing in another part of the gym with his friend from school.

Nathaniel was too cool for Family Fun Day, of course.  I dropped him off at the movies. :-)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Fun

It finally stopped raining, so we took the opportunity to do some fun things outdoors this week.  On Tuesday, we went to the park.  Poor Emily was the odd girl out (so what else is new, right?).

On Wednesday, Nathaniel went to a friend's house, and we took Emily's friend with us to the zoo.  The girls were so sweet to Jonathan, and he was thrilled to sit between them.

We always have to make a visit to Parakeet Cove!

On Friday, Nathaniel had his friend over and we went to Chick-Fil-A's cow appreciation day.  We dressed up as cows and we all got a free entrĂ©e.  Michael had no interest in dressing up, so he had some peace and quiet at home. 
Oh, in other news, I got a haircut.  It's shorter that I had planned, but I like it.  :-)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th

We spent our rainy July 4th holiday cleaning up the house and playing Monopoly.  Andrew was the winner.  By the end it was down to Andrew and Mommy, and the rest of the family chose teams and cheered us on.  By the time we finished our game, we decided to skip the grill and order pizza. 

While Michael, Nathaniel, and Jonny went to pick up the pizza, Andrew and I threw together this fruit pizza.  It was yummy!  Emily, Daniel, and Jonny wouldn't try it, but the rest of us loved it.

Thankfully, the rain stopped and we were able to go downtown to watch the fireworks.  It was a fantastic day!