Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Brain-Eating Zombies

Normally I'm kind of a Halloween scrooge. I don't like to decorate for Halloween and I definitely don't like to dress up. However, for my kids, I'll make an exception (for decorating, I mean, because I still won't dress up). They were pretty excited that I broke out the five pieces of Halloween decor that we own. And I couldn't resist ordering the Jell-O brain mold I found online. They love to make Jell-O molds! We made this one today, and they thought it was so funny to pretend they were zombies eating brains for dessert. The things sticking out of it are (gummy) worms! Look at Jonathan's face. It's like he's saying, "What the heck is wrong with you people? I'm not eating that!" But he actually did. Two helpings!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Weekend

My kids adore their Daddy. Seriously. I think they like to let me sleep in on Saturdays so that they can have more time goofing around with him. They know that as soon as mean old Mommy gets up they'll have to do something productive. Yesterday, I woke up to them dancing to music videos on You Tube.

Michael has been especially busy this past week getting ready for Stake Conference. Our congregation is called a ward, and a group of 8 or so wards make up a Stake. Michael has been the second counselor to our Stake President for two years now. Today, he was released as the second counselor and called to be the first counselor. He is honored to serve and we are honored to support him.

This is Michael and Daniel having fun together a couple weeks ago.

Saturday was schoolwork day. Emily has a big project due on Monday, and we left it until this weekend. In our defense, she just finished a big storytelling book report that required a costume and props and a presentation. Anyway, we spent a majority of the day working on this poster and the report that goes with it. She had to choose a habitat and an animal that lives in it, so she chose grassland and a lion. That poor little zebra is supposed to be the lions dinner!

It was a busy weekend, but we got to spend time together as a family so it was all good!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Visit with Papa

We had a wonderful visit with my dad this weekend. He arrived Thursday afternoon. The boys had a fun time with him, and Andrew, Emily, and Nathaniel soon came home and we had a nice evening together. We ate dinner at Cici's and then came home to finish homework.

Jonathan *loved* sitting on Papa's lap. On Friday we came home after taking Daniel to preschool and running a few errands, and I tried to put Jonathan in his booster seat to feed him his lunch. He wanted nothing to do with that--he fussed until I got him out of his chair and then he darted over to Papa to sit on his lap. So cute!

On Saturday morning, we went to Home Depot for their monthly project. The kids put together their helicopters and painted them. (Jonathan stayed home with Daddy and took a nap.)

It was a fire safety theme, and the kids had fun seeing the fire truck. The dog is fake. :-)

The firefighters let the kids climb up into the cab and even pull the horn. We had a blast!

We also spent some time at the zoo and went to a few garage sales. Nathaniel is still excited about the bargain he found--the first six Harry Potter books (hardcover and in great condition) for only $15. We talked them down from $20.

It has been a wonderful weekend! Jonathan has had a cold, and we're pretty sure Papa got one from him, too, but it was still a great visit. We wish that Nana and TJ could have come too, but we are so grateful to have had the time with Dad. We love you, Papa!!!!