Monday, March 28, 2011

Daniel shows off his moves to Princess Aurora

As Nathaniel said about watching this clip, "This never gets old."

The Big Kiss

There is no introduction. This one speaks for itself. ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"We're going to Disney World!!!!!!"

We had a super, FABULOUS time at Disney World for Spring Break. You would think that after spending six days there that everyone would have been ready to go home, but we weren't! On the first day the kids were a little whiny, but they were angels after that. On our way out of town, we discovered that we had a flat tire. The kids were troopers, though, and we were back on the road soon. Monday--Hollywood Studios--We saw a bunch of cool shows and a parade. First was Disney Junior (in the picture above), and then Ariel's Voyage. We were about to see the Indiana Jones stunt show, when we got a disturbing phone call. "Mrs. May, this is ADT calling. The fire alarm is going off at your house and we are sending fire trucks now." Aaaaaah! Thankfully, there was no fire. And we did get to see Indiana Jones, which was a highlight for Nathaniel. Tuesday--Magic Kingdom--This was a big shock, because it was way more crowded than Hollywood Studios. It was swarming with people! Thanks to Fast Passes, though, we were able to do most of what we wanted to do. First we took the railroad. It wasn't until we passed the first stop that we realized it was the *only* stop because the entire Toon Town section was closed. So we rode around again to Frontierland because everyone (except me and the two little ones!) wanted to ride Splash Mountain. After that we went to Space Mountain. Michael went with the two big kids and I took the three little ones to the People Mover. Then, Andrew and I went on Space Mountain together. I really wasn't sure about it and I was terrified for him, but he really wanted to go. I sat behind him and put my hand on his shoulder for the entire ride. He loved it!! After that, we all went on the Teacups together. It's a family favorite!

Wednesday--Magic Kingdom

We got an earlier start this day, and our reward was to wait in a much longer line for the monorail. The kids wanted nothing to do with the ferry. Right away, we went to Pirates of the Caribbean (only a five minute wait--yay!) and the Haunted Mansion (just Michael and the three big kids went on that one). Then Michael, Nathaniel, and Emily went on Big Thunder Mountain. After that, we got some Fast Passes and headed back to the condo. It was a really awesome condo that sleeps ten and has a full kitchen. I had intended for Jonathan to take a good nap, but he wasn't interested. He was an angel and he took naps in our double stroller. On Wednesday afternoon, Dad and Debbie and Troy and TJ (my stepbrother and nephew) joined us at the condo and we headed back to Magic Kingdom. We went to Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and Big Thunder Mountain. Then we watched the light parade and fireworks.

Here are Andrew and Jonathan enjoying the light parade.

Thursday--Magic Kingdom

Our favorite picture spot.

Another crazy, crowded day, but we still got to do a lot of fun stuff. Besides riding on all of the "mountains" again, we went to Tom Sawyer's Island, It's a Small World, and Mickey's Philharmagic, and watched the afternoon parade.

This is at It's a Small World. Daniel wore that hat everywhere. It's a miracle we didn't lose it.

Friday--Animal Kingdom

This was a favorite for Papa. It was much less crowded and there was a lot of shade. The weather was nice during the whole week. I made sure everyone had sunscreen, and only Nathaniel got a little burned one day. There was a Fast Pass "error in our favor" and so we got to do all of the things we wanted to do that day. We were taking a break in a small cafe, and an African music group started performing. They were asking for volunteers, and so I told Emily that she should go. The guy motioned for me to go, though, and so we both went up and tried to follow the dancing. I will not be posting photos. I have no rhythm. Emily did great, though. We then watched a bird show and went on a safari. We all loved it! Then after lunch we went to Expedition Everest, which was a very exciting roller coaster. In Andrew's words, "That was so cool!" We also saw Nemo the Musical, played at the dinosaur playground, and rode the Triceratop Spin, which was the same thing as the Dumbo ride without the wait.

Saturday--last day--back to Magic Kingdom

We started out going to the Speedway. I saw a little girl in line who had the princess makeover and I decided I really wanted to have it done for Emily. I was afraid that the boys might be jealous, but they weren't. They loved it, too! They loved watching her have her hair and makeup and nails done, and she loved being treated like a princess. I think that was my favorite moment of the whole week, watching my boys supporting their sweet sister. I had told Nathaniel that he could go somewhere with Dad or Papa instead of watching her makeover, and he said, "No, Mom, I want to watch. She deserves this." Be still my heart!

My second favorite moment was when we met the princesses. Dad and I waited with Emily and the two little ones for an hour, but once it was done we knew it had been worth the wait. First, Emily met Cinderella. Then she met Princess Aurora. We asked the boys if they wanted their pictures taken, too, and the only one who did was Daniel. You can see he wasn't shy!

She gave him a big ol' kiss, and he loved it!

We had fun on Saturday letting the kids have one last time on their favorite rides. Nathaniel and Andrew chose Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, so they went to those with Daddy, Emily chose Big Thunder Mountain, so she went with Papa, and I took Daniel and Jonathan to Daniel's choice, the teacups.

I loved the shirt Papa chose for me. It has a picture of a glass slipper and it says, "And she lived happily ever after." Boy, isn't that the truth!

I don't think it could have been more perfect! Thank you, Papa and Nana!

Dad, I'm guessing you're the only one who will actually read this entire lengthy post. I love you!