Sunday, March 11, 2012

All About Emily

Every February, Emily has a date with her Daddy. This year, they went to the YMCA Daddy Daughter Dance again. They had so much fun! I think she wore him out on the dance floor.
Here she is getting ready for her dance pictures. We love the costume this year!
Emily had a pajama party for her birthday. It wasn't a sleepover. The girls had pizza, watched a movie, played musical chairs and freeze dance, and had a pillow fight. Everyone seemed to have a great time!
Here she is with her ice cream cake. Yum!
On her birthday, we had a quiet celebration at home where she got a new bike and Lego Friends. She has been hoping to get Lego Friends for a long time, and she had so much fun putting them together.
I was also able to finally find her a new piano teacher. The one we had been going to since Nathaniel started moved away in November. Nathaniel has piano at school every day and he is doing great. He has been serving as Emily's teacher, but we knew we needed to find her a new teacher. I was able to find one in our neighborhood who is very enthusiastic and Emily is excited to start lessons again. Yay!