Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Piano Recital 2016

The kids had their spring piano recital yesterday.  They all did a great job!

All dressed up and ready for their recital.


Nathaniel's Birthday

I'm not ready for this child to be 16, but I guess I have to accept it. ;-)  He is excited to date now.  He has already asked a girl to the prom.  The trend now is to ask in some creative way.  Miraculously, I came up with an idea (crazy, right?  I'm so not creative) for him to make a homemade Edible Arrangement of chocolate-covered strawberries and have the card say "Can I arrange a date with you?"  It worked like a charm, and the sweet girl he asked gave this as an answer--a sign that said "Can Dew" with some cans of Mountain Dew to go with it.  So cute!

Here he is with his friends at his birthday party on Friday.  There were more girls, but they had to leave early.  This is a great group of kids.  They had so much fun just hanging out together and playing games and talking and eating.  I'm so glad that he has such wonderful friends.

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!  We love you!