Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of School

Well, I'm only a month behind on posting these.  The kids are already halfway through the first quarter.  They are all doing well in their classes and seem to be making even more friends.

Nathaniel, 10th grade

Jonathan, 1st grade

Andrew, 4th grade

Emily, 7th grade (1st year of middle school!)

Daniel, 3rd grade

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Kind of Camping

We had planned to go camping this summer, but it turned out we weren't able to go.  So, at the last minute, we decided to go on a quick trip up to Payson.  We drove up Friday night, went fishing on Saturday, and drove back late Saturday afternoon.  This picture was taken at the fish hatchery, which we visited on Saturday morning.  It was a fun little getaway.

I had to add this picture.  The kids were so cute this summer, always playing games with each other.  Unless they were going swimming, it was tough to go out and play in 110+ degree weather.  We had a routine where they would do their chores in the morning, but they couldn't have their media until the afternoon (video games, tv, tablets, etc.) so they could often be found playing Phase 10 or some other game together.  Jonathan was playing, too--he just didn't want his picture taken (as usual!).