Sunday, August 28, 2011


I call Jonathan and Andrew my twins--born four years apart. :-)

Jonathan's birthday was on the 13th. We had a family celebration at home. He got some cute new toys and he loves them. He really loves to wear this cute Elmo shirt--he'll pull it out of the drawer and hand it to me to put on him. I can't believe he is 2 already! I'm so grateful he is walking, and he is trying harder to talk these days.
Enjoying his birthday cake

Andrew turned 6 on the 18th and we had a party for him with a few friends at the house. He had fun going to Publix with me to choose his birthday cake, and we also got him a helium canister so that we could have balloons at the party. He chose a Phineas and Ferb theme.

The kids had fun playing musical chairs, freeze dance, and limbo. We also had pizza and opened gifts at the party. I think everyone had a nice time. :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our trip to Blue Ridge, GA

We had so much fun on our fishing trip up to Blue Ridge. We stayed for four nights in a cute cabin right on the Toccoa River. It was my kind of camping! Michael loved taking the kids fishing. He and Nathaniel both caught a trout, and Emily caught what Michael called a sucker. The kids all said that the hot tub at the cabin was their favorite part of the trip. :-) Nathaniel also loved catching his fish and playing pool.

Jonathan loved sitting by the river and watching the kids fish. He sat happily on his little rock the whole time.

Andrew loved fishing and helping Daddy take care of the poles and bait.

Nathaniel was quite the fisherman. He and Michael walked down the river our first day there; that is where Michael caught his trout.

Emily, looking pretty as always. She has her new orthodontic appliance in, called a twin block. The goal is to bring her jaw out where it is supposed to be. Anyway, she enjoyed fishing just as much as the boys.

Daniel served as the entertainment.

Andrew fell into the river--right after I turned off the video camera. I think we could have made it onto America's Funniest Videos if I had been recording it. He wasn't hurt, and he was pretty excited about getting all wet.

Nathaniel with his trout. This was on our third day.

The kids really enjoyed this swing on the porch at the cabin. Another fun thing they enjoyed was tying a rope to a basket and lowering things down from the loft in the cabin. They overheard me tell Michael that they had created their own dumbwaiter, and so from then on they called it the dumb-evator.


I was so glad we got to go on this trip! Michael has been wanting to take the kids on a fishing trip forever. It was wonderful!!!


Happy Jonathan

Unhappy Jonathan

Isn't he too cute? He gives us this face a lot these days and it always makes us laugh.