Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sunglasses

I love it when the kids play together--especially when they are being creative. The other day I found a great deal on some kids sunglasses, so I bought them each a pair. Emily, Andrew, and Daniel decided to make a music group, and they called themselves The Sunglasses. Andrew played the drums (which was a metal Thomas lunchbox and a rolling pin), Emily wrote and played music on the piano, and Daniel came up with the lyrics. Their first song was, "I Don't Wanna Daniel." We still don't know what that means. When I asked him, he just said, "It means it's an awesome song!" with great enthusiasm. Don't they look cute?

Their latest hit is "Fill Me Up with Cars Ice Water." I know what this one means--Daniel wanted a drink of ice water in his Cars cup. Watch for it on itunes! ;)


Andrew and Daniel both played t-ball this summer. I have to be honest--it didn't go well. Their first practice was OK, but their first game was played in 100 degree heat in the sun and they hated it. The boys kept whining that they wanted Mommy and they wanted to go home. They walked off the field to me more than once. The next game, Michael took them and the rest of us stayed home and it went much better. Overall, though, they weren't crazy about it. I think they might like it more in a year or two. We'll let them decide if they want to do it again. On the plus side, they sure looked cute!

Daniel is on the left in the front row, and Andrew is in the back row second from the left.

Daniel liked putting the glove on his head. I have no idea why. He was thrilled to be number 1, because that is Thomas the Tank Engine's number.

I love this picture, because they are both running to a base--Daniel to 3rd and Andrew to 2nd.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Next stop: Iowa!

We were so excited to see my family in Iowa! We had a reunion on Sunday afternoon, which worked out great because Jonathan likes to take a morning nap. Grandpa and Grandma came over to see us that morning. As you can see, the kids didn't sit still very well for their picture. I like this one, though, because of Grandma's smile.

The reunion was at my Uncle Sam and Aunt Linda's house. I love visiting them on their dairy farm! I used to visit a lot when I was younger. I loved going with my aunt and uncle and cousins to softball games (and even playing softball) and going to the county fair. They just expanded their house, so it was a wonderful place for a reunion. My kids had so much fun playing with all of the (second) cousins. Jonathan camped out in this playhouse for a while. He had so much fun.

Here are the kids playing kickball.

The great grandkids

The grandkids

My grandparents, Uncle Frank, Uncle Harve, Uncle Stan, and Aunt Linda.

(Almost) the whole gang.

My cousin, Brian, took the kids on tractor rides. Here is Daniel taking his turn. Thanks Brian!

Thanks, everyone, for being there and making it such a special day for us! Thank you Uncle Sam and Aunt Linda for all you did and for hosting!

On Monday, Michael stayed at the house in town with Jonathan, and I took the others to Grandpa and Grandma's house. We went to get them at lunchtime, and Aunt Linda came over too, and we had a wonderful day. We even got Grandpa set up on Facebook. The kids convinced Uncle Frank to drive them around for a long time, and they had so much fun. Thanks Uncle Frank!

That night, we went to dinner at Paradise Pizza. The kids ate a LOT of pizza!

Iowa trip, part 2

Here are Aunt Linda and her little buddy, Daniel. Daniel saw that hat at Grandpa's and asked if he could wear it. Of course, Grandpa couldn't say "no." It wasn't long before Daniel sweet-talked him into letting him keep it!

My little sardines. We didn't realize until we got there that the air matress had a hole in it. The pull-out couch worked fine. Jonathan slept in his pack and play and Andrew slept in a twin bed in a different room.

Grandpa and Grandma Horsfall at their home. I love coming here to visit. It is where my mom grew up, and I lived here for a while when I was a little girl. We moved around a lot as I was growing up, but Grandpa and Grandma's house was always there and always the same and it still is today. I am so glad I got to be there and visit with my grandparents and share the experience with my family.

Here we are visiting with Grandpa and Grandma Freese, Deb, and Bob in Mason City. We had a wonderful visit while the children played. Thanks everyone for meeting us there so we could spend some time with you!

Daniel making fast friends, as always. They even traded hats for a bit.

Jonathan had so much fun!

Me and my grandparents

Me and my Aunt Linda. It was a little windy! Not the best look for me--this is why I have bangs.

I also got to see my Aunt Rose (my dad's sister) and Uncle Merrill and their kids and grandkids. It was great to see everyone! Thank you all for being there! We had a great dinner and great conversation.

After dinner, we went back to see Aunt Linda at the dairy trailer and have an ice cream cone. Yum!

It was so hard to say goodbye. We had such a wonderful time. Even though the visits were short, I am so glad we got to see so much of my family and I'm grateful to my husband for letting us come on this trip with him and doing the vast majority of the driving. The drive back was long but uneventful, thankfully. I am so grateful we got to go!!!