Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sunglasses

I love it when the kids play together--especially when they are being creative. The other day I found a great deal on some kids sunglasses, so I bought them each a pair. Emily, Andrew, and Daniel decided to make a music group, and they called themselves The Sunglasses. Andrew played the drums (which was a metal Thomas lunchbox and a rolling pin), Emily wrote and played music on the piano, and Daniel came up with the lyrics. Their first song was, "I Don't Wanna Daniel." We still don't know what that means. When I asked him, he just said, "It means it's an awesome song!" with great enthusiasm. Don't they look cute?

Their latest hit is "Fill Me Up with Cars Ice Water." I know what this one means--Daniel wanted a drink of ice water in his Cars cup. Watch for it on itunes! ;)

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