Sunday, July 17, 2011


Andrew and Daniel both played t-ball this summer. I have to be honest--it didn't go well. Their first practice was OK, but their first game was played in 100 degree heat in the sun and they hated it. The boys kept whining that they wanted Mommy and they wanted to go home. They walked off the field to me more than once. The next game, Michael took them and the rest of us stayed home and it went much better. Overall, though, they weren't crazy about it. I think they might like it more in a year or two. We'll let them decide if they want to do it again. On the plus side, they sure looked cute!

Daniel is on the left in the front row, and Andrew is in the back row second from the left.

Daniel liked putting the glove on his head. I have no idea why. He was thrilled to be number 1, because that is Thomas the Tank Engine's number.

I love this picture, because they are both running to a base--Daniel to 3rd and Andrew to 2nd.

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