Sunday, June 28, 2015

Daniel's Baptism

We are so glad that Daniel made the decision to be baptized.  His baptism was on Saturday, June 20.  He awaited his special day anxiously!  It was a wonderful day. 
Daniel with his Daddy

We were so glad to have so much family there!

 Daniel's Primary teachers

Daniel and Andrew

Daniel and Lexi Williams; Lexi has made a keepsake binder for each of the Primary children baptized this year.  Daniel was so grateful to receive his!

 My sweet boy!
Since Grandpa (Jim) was still in the hospital and couldn't come to the baptism, we got permission to do Daniel's confirmation at the hospital so Jim could participate.  It was a wonderful experience!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Stuff

Here is Nathaniel, all dressed as a pioneer and ready for his trek.  They pulled handcarts for four days.  It was hard, but he had a great time!

This cactus in our front yard blooms at night.  Michael and I were out late on Thursday evening, I was finally able to get a picture.

Last night we went to an Arizona Rattlers game.  The kids didn't want to go, but once we got there they had a good time.  The Rattlers beat the Tampa Bay Storm 69-46.