Monday, January 11, 2010

Shopping Tips

For the last few years on the day after Thanksgiving, I do my big shopping trip for Christmas gifts. Michael watches all of the kids and I get started bright and early. I look through all of the ads on Thanksgiving night after the kids are in bed. I write down all of the stuff I want to get on a list, and I gather all of the ads to take with me. My first stop is Walmart. I first get all of the things from their ad that I need before it's all gone. Then, while everyone else is standing in the huge checkout lines, I walk around the store looking for the things I wanted from other stores. Walmart matches their prices! No one is looking for those things, so they are pretty easy to get. My two biggest finds this year were some Thomas trains that were advertised at Target, and Microsoft Office (I saved $60!) which was advertised at Best Buy. By the time I am done finding everything at Walmart, the checkout lines are almost empty. I avoid Target and Best Buy because their lines are crazy, and ToysRUs is a madhouse. I am able to get so many great deals--I love a good bargain!

All of the kids adore Jonathan.

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