Friday, February 5, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday, my goal was to clean and organize Andrew and Daniel's room, and I am glad to say I got it done. They were good helpers. It's a pretty simple system--small toys go in the drawers and big toys go in the toy box. Andrew especially liked helping me vacuum when we were all done. I think it was the highlight of the week for him. :-)


  1. Hi May family! Ijust ran across your blog from your comment on Heidis blog. Good to "see" ya! I have to say, I've thought about you a lot since we moved to NW arkansas...they have an ALDI and I LOVE it!!! I totally remember you talking about. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of generic food, but once I went and had their food I was sold!!! :) Thanks!

    Hope you guys are doing good! I have your blog address now so I can keep up with ya! :)

  2. Hi! We are doing well and staying busy. Oh, how I wish we were near an ALDI. They have 5 in the Birmingham area, and I even wrote to the company to find out when they are getting one here and they said they can't because it is too far from the distribution centers. :-( I'm glad you like it--it saves a ton of money, right?