Monday, May 30, 2011

Daniel's Birthday

Daniel is 4 years old! We went to Burger King on his birthday--his choice! The kids had fun eating and playing on the slides.

He wanted an Island of Sodor (Thomas) cake, of course.

Here he is in his new pajamas. I think Daniel gets too many hand-me-downs. He asked me, "Where did my pajamas come from?" I said, "From Papa and Nana." Then he asked, "But who in Papa and Nana's family didn't want them anymore?" I made sure he understood that his new clothes came from the store and that they are just for him. Now I'm especially grateful that he got new clothes for his birthday!

This is the other outfit he got from Papa and Nana. They got him a Thomas video, too. :-) (That's not what's playing in the background, though--that's Max and Ruby.)

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! You amaze me with your insightful questions and your sense of humor every day. I love you, Daniel!

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