Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day Out with Thomas

The boys and I had so much fun at Day Out With Thomas this year. I just took Daniel and Jonathan and they were so good. The last time we went was two years ago, and Daniel had a confused look on his face the whole time. This year, Jonathan had the confused look and Daniel knew exactly what was going on. He was so excited!

The tickets online were all sold out, but we got there early and I was able to buy us tickets for the first train. I'm glad we got to sit in the open air coach. Jonathan sat there so patiently and looked around at all of the scenery. Daniel spent a lot of time talking to the conductor.
Here is Jonathan's first smile of the day! He was pretty unsure at first, but once he started having fun he was so cute!
Daniel smiled the whole day!

Here they are at Imagination Station. They played with trains and colored and got temporary tattoos. I didn't think Jonathan would want a tattoo, but he hopped up into the chair and chose the one he wanted--Diesel 10 (the mean one). Daniel chose Thomas, of course.
Lunch time!
Here they are meeting Sir Topham Hatt. Jonathan was mesmerized by him. This was the only picture I got where he was looking at the camera; in the others, he was turned around and looking at Sir Topham Hatt. After the pictures were done, I couldn't get either of them to leave!
Bubble station!
Jonathan loved the petting zoo. Daniel wasn't very interested in it, but Jonathan kept trying to climb into the cages. He also kept going up to the goats and saying "moo!" He really liked the rabbits and the chicks.
One more picture before we go! Poor Jonathan was so tired. I didn't even bother with the stroller, and I think he was tired of walking. We had arrived at 9am, and we didn't leave until 1:30pm. It was such a fun day. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take them.

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