Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

The kids got to spend the weekend with their Daddy, and I got to spend the weekend with mine!  Dad came down Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning.  Our big project was supposed to be to move a play set that one of our neighbors was selling.  We acually spend most of the day on Saturday taking down the tree in our front yard.  Out of nowhere, a huge branch of the tree fell down on Friday night.  It was so big that it covered most of the front yard, and we decided that the whole tree would have to come down.  It's not exactly how we wanted to spend our Saturday (especially since Michael had already spent a few days working on the yard), but we were blessed that Dad was there and willing to help.  We also had help from the missionaries and some friends from church, and we were able to get it all down and hauled to the curb.  I was sad to lose the tree and the shade it provided, but now you can actually see the front of the house. 

Here are the kids with Papa on Sunday morning.  Even though most of it was spent working, we had a wonderful visit!

Here is our "new" play set.  The kids are having a blast with it.  Nathaniel already took it upon himself to clean it off with a broom and the hose.  Emily even wrapped up the hose when he was done.  I love it when the kids pitch in and help without being asked! 

Happy Father's Day!

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