Sunday, March 3, 2013

Emily's Birthday

This year, Emily wanted to go bowling for her birthday.  She also wanted to have dinner at Subway.  The little guys had fun, but they were pretty bored after about the sixth frame.  The whole family played one game on two lanes, and then just Emily and Nathaniel played a second game while Michael took the boys to the game room.  She had a blast!  The highlight of the night for her was opening her new Kindle Fire!  She has been asking for one for a *long* time.  She had saved some of her Christmas money, and she intended to pool her birthday money to get one and then once she had enough we would order it online.  I surprised her, though, and had it delivered so that she could open it on her birthday.  She also got a charger and a zebra print case.  She is in heaven!

Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

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