Sunday, May 26, 2013

Daniel's 6th Birthday

When I asked Daniel what he wanted to do on his birthday, he said, "Let's go to Toys R Us!"  So, we did.  He picked out a train and a movie and an Iron Man action figure. 
The big event of the day, though, was his Build A Bear party!  He wanted to invite his best friend, Jonah, and his "girlfriend" Emma.  We had to have a minimum of six kids for the party, so Jonathan and Andrew and Emily made up the rest.  It was a really great party.  The girl assigned to us had them play some fun games, and then they all made their bears.  Daniel chose Spongebob, and it even plays the Spongebob theme song.

Daddy and Daniel with Spongebob

After the Build A Bear party, we went to Daniel's choice for
dinner--Burger King!

He really wanted bobbleheads for his birthday.  We're not sure why, but he was pretty excited when he got them.

He also really wanted the Lego Batman movie.

It was a wonderful birthday!  We love you, Daniel!!!!

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