Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christine's Birthday and Setting Up the Christmas Tree

My birthday was on Thanksgiving this year, so we celebrated on Wednesday night with cake and gifts and then we went to dinner together on Friday.  I felt pretty spoiled! 
I loved this Edible Arrangements gift my sister sent.  Do you see how the kids want to attack it before I even get a piece? 

This was a nice surprise from my dad.  He ordered it from the Publix in Florida, and they made it for me here.  Yum!!!!

The kids had fun decorating the Christmas tree.  I put up the lights and the garland, and then let them go to town on the ornaments.  They love decorating it!  Posing for pictures?  Not so much.  Notice Jonathan hiding from me on the couch. :-)
Merry Christmas!

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