Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kids' Marathon

Andrew and Daniel participated in a Kids' Marathon on Saturday.  I went with them, and we ran/walked for 1.2 miles.  I thought Daniel wanted to do it and I knew Andrew wanted to do it, so I signed them up.  Daniel later informed me that he absolutely did NOT want to do it.  He has become way too interested in video games and I want him to get out in the fresh air more often, so I told him that we were going to do it and I promised him I would be there the whole time.  Once he got there and saw all of the other kids from his school who were running, too, he was a little more excited about it.  Andrew did great, and got pretty far ahead of us.  Daniel and I held hands most of the time and I just kept encouraging him.  He talked and talked to me the whole time, and it was wonderful.  We did it!  Great job, boys!

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