Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kid Events

It's been an eventful week here! 

On Thursday, Emily had her Honor Band concert.  She got to spend the whole day at the performing arts center next to Nathaniel's school.  That evening, we all went to see her concert.  Grandpa and Grandma May were there, too.

On Friday, the four younger kids had their Booster-thon.  The 6th graders even got to do a color run.  Emily had a blast!

My runners!  Each lap was 1/16 of a mile.  Emily ran 26, Andrew ran 46, Daniel 42, and Jonathan 30.

Here is Daniel posing next to our cactus.  The kids have named him Fred.  He's pretty tall!

Saturday was the Pinewood Derby.  Andrew had so much fun!  All the boys had a great time.  He won 4 heats and placed second in two of them.  He lost the last two he was in, and we later found out that the wheels had shifted and slowed it down.  On his first win, his time was actually 2.41 something.

We ended the day on Saturday by taking care of "the cousins," as Jonathan calls them.  He was asking all day, "When are the cousins coming?"  He loves to play with them!  And, of course, Aaron loves his buddy Nathaniel (and vice versa!).

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