Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nathaniel's First Prom

It was Nathaniel's first date, actually.  He asked his date to go to the dance with him a while ago, and he has been saving his money ever since.  This wasn't his school prom; it was put on by our church.  They call it Mormon Prom, or MoPro for short.  It was fun for him because then he could go with all of his friends who go to different high schools, and also because the boys just wear regular suits and don't have to rent a tux.  We did manage to find him a tie that matched his date's dress, though, and they looked good together.  They had their pictures taken in the wash, the same place we had our pictures done the year before last, then went to dinner and then the dance.  There were 8 couples in the group and they all had a great time.

Here is what he did to ask her.  The note asks if he can "arrange" a date with her (this is our homemade version of an Edible Arrangement).

She said "yes"

Ready to pick her up

All ready for the dance!

This is only half of the group.  They all met at our house and then walked to the wash.  The entrance is just a block away from our house.

The others arrived later and they had pictures taken.

This was such a great group of kids, and his date was lovely.  They had a wonderful time!!!

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