Sunday, June 12, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

We finally got a trampoline and put it up!  Here are the kids with their cousins having a great time!

We had some leftover cake from Seminary Graduation, so we thought we would give it to the Seminary students in Nathaniel's class.  Here he is with his teacher.

Daniel had two projects in May--his animal habitat for a puffin, and his bottle buddy of Neil Armstrong

Andrew had perfect attendance for the year!  It was a surprise to me, because we never try for those awards! 

Jonathan's award says "Super Scientist."  Actually, his real talent is math. :-)

Somehow Maggie sensed that this was the kids' last day and she'd finally have the kids around instead of spending every day with boring old Mom.

Last day!

We watched my nephews so Betsy and Geoff could have an anniversary getaway.  Aaron seemed to like napping on our couches.


Cub Scout Day Camp
I don't know how I survived that day without melting, but I did.  The boys had a great time!  It was a three-day event, and I went on Wednesday.  Andrew was in the Webelos group, but I stayed with the Wolves and Bears.
Daniel, making his electromagnet

We're doing our best to enjoy our very short summer.  The kids start back on July 25th.

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