Sunday, September 4, 2016

May Miscellaneous

I got a new phone, so the boys helped me take some of my first pictures
Here is Emily, getting dropped off on her first day of school

This is another one I forgot to add the the First Day of School post--Jonny getting on the bus

More baby Sara holding

She's even half-smiling in this one

Family dinner with the Mays for Jim and Carol's birthdays

Daniel receiving his Wolf badge

Andrew receiving his Webelos badge and Arrow of Light

Andrew with his Arrow of Light plaque

I thought they looked so cute sitting at the computer together

Isn't she so cute? 

Everyone is talking about "Phelps face," but Jonathan has been making that face for a long time

Earning money for his Homecoming date!  He did not want me taking his picture.

All ready for the first BYU game of the season on Sept 3.   They played the University of Arizona here in Phoenix.  BYU won 18-16!  Go Cougars!

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