Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break Misc

Emily had already seen Beauty and the Beast with her friends, so she stayed home with Jonathan (he doesn't like to go to movies--crazy, right?) and Michael and I took the other boys.  We loved it!

Betsy invited us to meet them at Peter Piper Pizza for an afternoon of fun!  The kids had a great time!

Here are the boys at Makutu's Island.  It's an indoor play park.  So fun!

Nathaniel and I went to the University of Arizona for the day to take tours and learn about the programs they offer.  It was a really nice campus and it seems like a great school.  It's not his first choice, but it's definitely a possibility.

The kids finally got their Christmas gift of a PlayStation VR (virtual reality).  It had been out of stock for a long time and we were able to get it toward the end of Spring Break.  They love it!
The boys kept begging me to go in the pool, no matter how many times I told them how cold it would be.  They didn't care.  Daniel got out first, then Andrew.  I had a hard time getting Jonathan out!  Crazy boys!

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