Sunday, June 11, 2017

Camp and Swimming

We took off for our Iowa trip the day after school got out, so this was our first "regular" week of summer.  Not so regular, though, because Andrew and Daniel both went to Camp Invention every day from 8:30-3:00, Daniel had swim team every evening, and Emily had Girls' camp for church from Wednesday-Saturday.  Daniel even had his first swim meet!

You would think it would have been quiet around here on Thursday and Friday, because it was just Jonny and Nathaniel at home.  Nope!  Jonny talks non. stop.!!!!!  They were in a pretty intense Candyland battle on Thursday, lol!

Daniel at his first swim meet

Camp Invention
They spent a lot of time taking recycled items and making cool stuff.  They had a great time!

She's finally home from Girls' Camp!  Nathaniel said, “Emily, I have to give you a hug, because we finally have another girl in the house and not just all these boys!!!”

She didn't get enough sleep, but she had a great time!  I would actually call it "glamping" instead of camping, if you compare it to what we did when I was her age, but whatever.

This week, Nathaniel and Emily go to EFY!

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