Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yellowstone Part 2

On Monday, we got up early and we drove away from the cabin by 7:15am.  We all rode in the Pilot together.  This was the first time we were all in the same car.  On the east entrance road, we saw bighorn sheep and deer.  The beautiful scenery of Yellowstone did not disappoint.  Even our bathroom stop was beautiful, and we saw a yellow-bellied marmot. 

As we drove further, we also saw two grizzlies looking for food on the side of a hill. 


It was like the animals were all there waiting for us!  That was one of our inside jokes, because it was like the animals were preparing for our arrival, “Hey, the Mays are coming, we better get ready!” 

Nathaniel still wasn't feeling well, so we stopped at the store at Fishing Bridge to get him some medicine and also did a little souvenir shopping.  Papa bought shirts/sweatshirts for the kids. 

Daniel bought himself a survival bracelet, and he needed help cutting off the tag.  I grabbed a pair of scissors from my purse and Dad said, “You have scissors?”  Daniel said, “If it’s a thing, she’s got it!”  

Next, we went to the Mud Volcano and walked around.  You could definitely smell the sulfur!


We also stopped at Hayden Valley and saw so many bison! 

After that we went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  First, we stopped at the Lower Falls and went to Artist Point—the view was so beautiful!  I took some pictures while we were walking on the trail...

...but the view from the top was even more breathtaking!

We found a spot for our picnic lunch and then headed to the Upper Falls.  I was disappointed that Uncle Tom’s Trail was closed, but we still had a great time. 

After that we stopped at Gibbon Falls, which was a short walk along the path.

Then to what I had been waiting for—the Midway Basin to see the Grand Prismatic Spring!  There was a lot of steam so I didn’t get as good of a view as I had hoped, but it was still amazing. 

Finally, we went to Old Faithful and it erupted around 4:30pm.  We were there in plenty of time this time. 

From there it took us three hours to get to Cody.  Once we were out of the park and closer to town, I called to order pizza on the way.  We made a quick stop at Walmart, picked up the pizza, and went back to the cabin to eat and watch Lego Batman.  Well, the kids did anyway.  I wanted everyone to get to bed early so we were ready for the horseback riding and river rafting the next day!

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