Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogs and My Sweet Daniel

Thank you all so much for your comments! I am so excited about blogging. I have already found so many friends and family members who are doing blogs. What a wonderful way to keep in touch!

My friend Lisa asked, "How do you have time to blog?" I had to laugh at that, because I wondered the same thing. That is why I put it off for so long. Thank you, Crystal and Tori, for convincing me to just go for it! I figured that if I could write in my journal, I could do a blog. :-)

Then there is a day like today; I had planned to play tennis at the YMCA and then take the boys to the indoor pool. I was really looking forward to tennis, because this is the first day in a week that someone was willing to play with me. It has been so cold. Alabama cold, not Midwest cold. Anyway, my sweet little Daniel woke up last night with a horrible, barking cough (croup). We were up with him a few times giving him breathing treatments and creating a sauna in our bathroom (letting the hot water run to create steam) to help clear his little lungs. Needless to say, today wasn't the best day to go to the YMCA; I had to cancel tennis for today and the boys and I can just play at home. So, I suddenly have a little time on my hands. I've caught up on my email, and now I can work on my blog again. Thankfully, Daniel is feeling much better this morning and he is taking medicine so it should totally clear up in a few days. Yea!


  1. Blogging really is so much fun. I am glad that you caved for us too. Now I feel like I will get to know you and your sweet family better!

  2. I hope that your little guy is feeling better now. Hopefully that nasty flu didn't go through every one in the house.