Saturday, February 28, 2009


We are so proud of Nathaniel. He is an awesome big brother. He helps with the younger children and they all look up to him. He also pesters them a lot, but I guess that's what big brothers do. He played basketball at the YMCA recently and he had a lot of fun. He got a basketball hoop for Christmas and he loves to go outside and practice. This is his third year of piano, and he is doing so well. He loves scouts; he should be earning his Wolf badge this week. He looks so grown up in this picture--he will be 9 soon.


  1. Where does the time go? I remember having to watch him or teaching him in Sunmbeams! He looks too smart!! What a beautiful family you guys have made. We miss you!!!

  2. Gosh, he has grown so much! What a handsome little man.