Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Trooper

Andrew fell on the playground at preschool yesterday and chipped three teeth. The dentist was able to see him right away and fix them. Andrew was so brave. His teacher was so impressed with him. This is the same child that didn't make a peep when he got his IV at the hospital. He is a tough kid!

I went with Andrew on his preschool field trip to the zoo on Monday. He was really well-behaved and stayed with me the whole time. I think he might have been afraid I was going to leave; he still has a hard time when I drop him off at preschool. Anyway, I brought Daniel and Jonathan, too, and we had a great time.
This is a tiny turtle they found.
On Monday night, we went to our local Pretzelmaker because I had read that it was National Pretzel Day and they were giving out free pretzels. Spending 12+ dollars on pretzels isn't something I would normally do, so I thought it would be fun for them. We must have been the first ones to ask for the free pretzels, because the cashier looked really confused. His manager assured him that we were correct, and we all got a free pretzel. I forgot, however, that this particular Pretzelmaker is also a Great American Cookie store! Oops! I think the kids would have preferred the cookies.

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