Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub

...three (adorable) boys in a tub!

Jonathan seems to get bigger every day. He has this adorable smile that is so big he closes his eyes when he does it. He is a bit of a brute with the other babies at church. He likes to slap at people, and they sure don't like that. I know it's not malicious, but it's pretty embarrassing. He is such a sweet, happy baby. He turns 1 in one week!

Daniel is a little ladies man. Once, at Burger King, a little girl gave him her kids meal toy. The other day at the pool, a woman said he could keep a pool toy that he really liked. And then last night we were at a neighborhood get-together, and he walked over to us with a huge bowl of chips. I quickly took it back and said I was sorry that he took it. "Oh, I gave it to him," the lady said. I told Michael that Daniel can get women to give him anything. He said, "That's not a good thing!"
Andrew is still obsessed with cords. The other day, our DirecTV went out because of the storm, or so we thought. It wouldn't come back on even after the storm was long over, so we called customer service. The woman told us we should have a router box attached to one of our TVs, and we couldn't find it. Guess where it was? Andrew stole it! He unhooked it from the TV upstairs and made it so none of our receivers could get a signal. I can't believe he will be in kindergarten next week. I will be praying for his teacher. :-) He is so sweet and so helpful. I literally cannot cook or bake by myself if Andrew is in the house. It's like he has radar for when Mommy is making something in the kitchen and he will come in all excited and pull a chair up to the counter to watch and help. He knows what bowls and utensils and ingredients I need and he just gets them out for me without being asked.
Emily is such a sweet big sister. She's not great at cleaning up, but she is the nurturer and she is so sweet to her brothers. She can help Daniel get his shoes on and she will play with Jonathan and read stories to them. I am so grateful for my little girl!!! She will be a 2nd grader this year!

Nathaniel will be in 5th grade this year. At the school open house, it was fun to see a group of little girls whispering, "There's Nathaniel!" They asked him which class he would be in, and they seemed pretty happy that he would be with the same pair of teachers that they were. I don't know if I'm ready for all this! He is so helpful and responsible. I love watching him grow up.


  1. such a sweet summary of your kids! they are all sooo cute! and your kids dwarf mine!

  2. 5th grade already? Nathaniel has grown so much. I remember when he was only 5 and you were going through the food wars with him. I can't believe how time flies. I hope you have a great start-of school year!!