Friday, August 27, 2010

"Ooh, that baby is so juicy!"

That's what a woman said about Jonathan the other day. He is 1 year old, 32 inches tall, and 33 pounds. She also asked if he is a boy or a girl, so I decided to finally cut his hair yesterday.
Post Haircut
My angel!

I bought a carpet sweeper so I would have something for quick cleaning and for the area rugs. Andrew saw the box yesterday morning (I had ordered it from and he was not happy with me that I wasn't going to open the box before school. As soon as he got to the car at afterschool carpool he said, "What's in the box? Can we open the box?" Poor kid must have been worried about it all day. I told him I already put it together and that he could see it as soon as we got home. He was so excited! He is still obsessed with vacuums, and when he saw it he said, "Thank you, Mom!" He thinks it's a gift for him. He spent all afternoon using it all around the house.

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  1. He does look so juicy!!! That's a good ting coming from a southern woman! LOL! Those curls were so cute, but he looks handsome with his haircut!