Sunday, October 31, 2010

Five Little Pumpkins

The kids had so much fun for Halloween. We had a Fall Festival at church on Wednesday night where they did some trick or treating, and then we went trick or treating again on Saturday night. I was happy because we didn't end up with an insane amount of candy this year. They were so cute in their costumes, and they had fun helping design their own pumpkins. We used craft pumpkins this year (thanks Papa and Nana!) and the kids have been playing with them non-stop. Emily has named every one of them, too.
Here is Daniel with the pumpkin they carved at Mom's Morning Out.
Super Jonny! He is the fourth boy to wear this same costume.
Emily made a great cheerleader.
Daniel was so excited about the Thomas costume I bought him, but when it came time to go trick or treating he wanted to wear this homemade one instead. I made it for Nathaniel six years ago! He did wear the other one to Mom's Morning Out and storytime at the library on Friday, though.
Andrew as Batman. He wasn't fond of the cape.
It took us forever to find a costume for Nathaniel. I got this on Wednesday at CVS, of all places.
Ready to go get some candy!
Here are the pumpkins we carved. Jonathan was already in bed, but we carved one for him, too--it's the one in front of Daniel.

Jonathan just wanted to roll them around on the ground. Here he is this morning before church.
Happy Halloween!

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