Sunday, April 3, 2011

Small changes and big fun

OK, let's start with teeth. Nathaniel had to have three baby teeth pulled to make room for permanent teeth. I didn't take any pictures; I know he is grateful for that. :-) Andrew had what I thought was a blister in his mouth. It kept getting worse, though, and so I finally touched it to see and I was shocked to find out that it was a tooth! I got him in to the dentist right away and they pulled his two front bottom baby teeth.

Emily needed some early-stage orthodontic work for her overbite. She got a Schwartz appliance. It's like a retainer.

This is the beginning of a week of illnesses. Emily and Andrew were really sick with a stomach virus. Thankfully, they are OK now.

Medieval intrument of torture? Nope--it's Jonathan's "gait trainer." Please walk soon, baby! I'm begging you!

Morning bed head

Nathaniel wanted to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules for his birthday and to go to Stevi Bs for dinner. Here he is with his friend. They had a great time!

We spent the day Saturday working on TWO science fair projects. I'm so relieved to be done with them. I think I'm more relieved than the kids are. They both had the same idea and used the same data, but the projects are very different. We took pulse rates to decide which ride at Disney World was the most exciting. For Emily, it was between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain won. For Nathaniel, it was between Space, Splash, and Big Thunder Mountains and Big Thunder Mountain won. Well, you know that 97% of statistics are made up, right?

Andrew was sharing a room downstairs with Jonathan. He liked being across the hall from us, but now he wants to be upstairs so he has moved in with Daniel. It's going fine so far. Jonathan decided to crawl upstairs the other day. Within a day, he was an expert in crawling back down, too, and he loves it up there! There was a while today that all five kids were playing happily upstairs. The playroom is a wreck, but it was worth it.

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