Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daniel's Birthday

Daniel turned 5 on the 24th!  He has been looking forward to this birthday for so long.  Every time we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said, "Lots of presents and boys' night out."  He always insisted that Emily and I were invited, however.  He wanted his boy's night out to include watching The Avengers.  Later, he also requested a trip to Pump it Up.  He talked about all of this almost daily.  While the big kids were at school, I took him and Jonathan to Pump it Up.  Daniel had fun, but after about 20 minutes he said he wanted to go home.  Afterwards we went to McDonald's for lunch--his favorite.  That afternoon, when everyone got home, we took Jonathan to a friend's house and we all went to see The Avengers.  Again, he liked it at first, but he wanted to leave about (any guesses?) *20 minutes* into the movie.  The Avengers is not a short movie.  He made it through, however, and was excited every time Iron Man was on the screen.  After the movie, we went to Cici's Pizza for dinner and then home for cake and presents.  I think he had a wonderful day!

These are the cupcakes he took to his preschool class.  They are homemade, and we put a Squinky on each one.  They were a big hit!

Here he is with "lots of presents!"

He hangs this lantern in his room for a night light.

A new Thomas Blu-ray, Day of the Diesels

Unfortunately, this toy is already broken; it was a Cars 2 tin lunchbox.  I thought he could keep toys in it, but it's in two pieces now.

Here are his homemade presents from Nathaniel and Emily.  That's a giant paper airplane that Emily made.

He had to wear his new outfit from Papa and Nana to his last day of preschool.

This toy takes the prize for favorite, I believe.  All of the kids have been playing with this racetrack this weekend.  This double loop is really cool because the car goes around many times before it stops.

Happy Birthday, big boy!!!!

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