Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Fun

Here are the kids having fun in the sand pile.  Nathaniel buried Andrew, and Andrew loved it!

"Ta da!"  Jonathan loves puzzles, and he has started saying "ta da!" every time he finishes one.  It's so cute.  This is one he did in the nursery at church on a Wednesday night while Nathaniel was at Scouts.  His nursery teachers went out and got this state puzzle for him because the other ones were too easy for him.  He is such a smart little guy.  He is talking so much more these days, too.  His new favorite word is "now!"

Here is Daniel playing with his friend Lizzie.  They are great buddies!

Emily has had a lot of projects lately.  This one is her Bottle Buddy project.  She had to use a 2 liter bottle for the body and a styrofoam ball for the head to represent the main character of the biography she read.  I'll let you guess who it is; the flag is your biggest clue. :-)

Here is her solar system poster.  She did this on Saturday.  I have to admit I wasn't really looking forward to doing this project with her, but I shouldn't have worried about it.  She did the whole thing herself!  The only thing I did was type the labels and help with the gluing.  She even wrote the report herself.  I am so proud of her.  I think she did a great job!

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