Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blue Mountain Mystery--Solved!

Way back at the beginning of the summer, Daniel saw an advertisement on the Thomas and Friends website for a new movie--Blue Mountain Mystery.  He was so excited.  He had birthday money to spend, and he wanted the movie and the new train, Luke, that is featured in it.  The website had games and songs and many wonderful things to get him all excited about it.  The problem?  It wasn't due to come out until September 18!  Aaah!  That meant almost four months of torture for this poor child (and his Mommy!) while we waited.  He didn't understand how long four months was, and he begged me for it daily.  I was able to tide him over with a storybook, but he really wanted that movie.

Well, it is here, at long last!  Woo hoo!  Look at that joy!

It was pretty cute, because he already knew all of the songs from listening to them on the website.
Hooray for Thomas!

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