Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Busy Saturday

This Saturday, Andrew and Emily had their piano recital.  They each played three songs and they did a great job!  Andrew has only been playing for about a month, and he was so happy to be there and so proud of himself.  I was very happy that they both practiced all week without any nagging from me!

The rest of our Saturday was spent working on essays and projects.  Emily, Nathaniel, and Daniel all had projects and papers to do.  I think Andrew felt a little left out of the "fun" so I said, "Andrew, if you need something to do why don't you go out front and pull the weeds."  So he did.  And then he got out the rake and push broom to clean up all of the pine needles.  By the time I went out there to check on him, he had already filled a bag with pine needles.  I told him we should use them to lay down a fresh layer in the front planter, so he did the side that faces the street and I did the other side.  Doesn't it look good?  He was so proud of himself for making me happy.  I was feeling stressed because the yard needed attention and Michael had been out of town, but just getting that little bit done made me feel much better.

When I went back inside, I found Nathaniel helping Emily with her project because he was already done with his essay.  I am a very blessed Mama!!!

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