Sunday, September 1, 2013


Jonathan is 4!!! 

The thing he wanted most was a Mike Wazowski toy from Monsters University.

He also loved the Lego set he got.  In fact, all of the kids loved the Lego set he got.

Here is one of his many creations

Andrew is 8!!!!

He loved his cookie cake and Sully toy.  We saved the rest of his presents for his party at...

...Chuck E. Cheese's!

We had a combined party for Jonathan and Andrew.  They had so much fun!

So did Nathaniel and Emily

and Daniel

Jonathan was pretty excited about his Mike Wazowski cookie cake.  Andrew doesn't look too happy in this picture, but he really did have a fun time.

Meeting Chuck E. Cheese

Jonathan and his friend Annie Mae
Jonathan only wanted to invite girls, so his guests were Annie Mae and Valerie (above in the pink).  Andrew invited three friends--two friends from church (Jared and Travis) and a friend from school (Riley).   

Happy Birthday to my sweet boys!!!!

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