Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our Trip to Florida

We had a wonderful trip to Florida!  We left bright and early on the first day of summer vacation. 
We did many fun things, but going to miniature golf with Papa was definitely a highlight. 

Here are Papa and Jonathan, waiting for our table at Olive Garden.  We hadn't taken kids there in about 10 years, so for the little ones it was their first time.  Most of them loved it, but Daniel was pretty disappointed that they didn't have French fries.  Good food is lost on (some of) our kids. :-)

Another big highlight was our trip to Legoland.  Papa had to work, so it was just me and the kids.  Nathaniel especially loved Miniland, where they have mini Lego sculptures of famous places.

Here is a Lego Ford Explorer.  Jonathan did NOT want to be in the picture.  You can barely see his feet behind Andrew.

One fantastic thing about our day was that the lines for the rides were so short.  On one of the roller coasters, everyone but Daniel wanted to ride a second time so we waited for them to go again.  He just had to have his picture taken.

Nathaniel and Darth Vader!

What a fun day!

Not pictured was our day at the beach.  We went to Honeymoon Island and had breakfast and played in the sand.  Each of the boys took a turn being buried in the sand.  Emily loved the water, and they all thought it was pretty cool that they were actually in the Gulf of Mexico!  Emily also got her ears pierced.  They look great!
The kids were so good and it was an amazing trip!

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