Sunday, August 3, 2014


We finally moved!  It seemed like it would never happen, but we are finally here in Arizona.  June was crazy.  Once we got back from our trip to Florida, it was a race to get everything done and prepared for our move. 

First order of business--get Nathaniel's braces off!

Then, we were invited to a potluck at the Warrens'.  They wanted to have a cookout as a "goodbye" to our family. We had a wonderful time.  It's hard to say goodbye to friends.

The movers packed us up and we left pretty much on schedule.  It took us three days to get to Arizona.  On the second night, we were so tired and we found this motel that only had one room left.  They let us have it, but it was TINY!!!  We camped out for the night.  It was an adventure.

Daniel picked this spot and went right to sleep.

All the driving was worth it, though, because we made it in time to see Michael's sister Shannon, her husband Jay, and their two sweet girls.  Here is Emily with Chloe, Shannon's older daughter.  Can you see Daniel's photo bomb?

Michael with his parents and siblings.  They hadn't all been together in a very long time.

The whole crew, including Granny (Carol's mom) and all the spouses and grandkids

We were so excited to get to go to the Clantons' wedding reception.  Ammon Clanton was a missionary in our ward in Alabama.  He was the one who helped us cut down the tree that fell in our front yard.  The kids were so happy to see him.  He was a great example to them.

Well, it has been an adventure.  We are very glad to be here and we love our new house.  We have met some wonderful people in our ward and we are all making friends. :-)  Next up: SCHOOL!

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