Sunday, March 19, 2017

February Fun

I have some catching up to do!

Here are Andrew and Daniel at their football league. It was after school on Fridays, and this was the last day but it was raining so they had to play indoors.

Nathaniel's school project for AP US History class
He had to make a model on Cornelius Vanderbilt.  It seemed more fit for elementary school, but he got a 100% on it!

I love to listen to this girl play the hymns!  I love all of her music, but it was always my dream for my kids to be able to play church hymns. 

Cub Scouts at the preserve

Andrew's basketball team
He had a fun season!

We were helping to move some things at Grandpa and Grandma's house, and found this, lol.

Baby Sara!

Showcase--we got to see the dance Emily will perform in competitions.
She is in the front left most of the time.

Emily's first dance competition

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