Sunday, May 7, 2017

May Madness

I named the blog "May Madness" because we are the Mays and life is crazy sometimes.  However, the month of May is especially crazy around here.  A few of these are from April, but now that May has started we are deep into the concert/recital/award ceremony season.  It's crazy, but we love it!
Nathaniel invited his date to MoPro (short for Mormon Prom) and she accepted!  He set out a bunch of Solo cups on her doorstep along with this poster.

Here is her response:

Here is Jonny being silly.  I heard some noises coming from the playroom and found this:

Nathaniel and Emily both took the ACT a few weeks ago.  Here they are studying together.  Can't you tell how excited she is?

Carol was accepting an award for the ASU Top 100 Alumni, and Michael and I attended the ceremony.  I thought the kids would get a kick out of me posing with the ASU Sun Devil!

Jonathan's 2nd grade program

Emily had so much fun on her Disneyland trip!  The 8th graders from band, dance, color guard, drama, and orchestra all went on the trip and took special classes at Disneyland.  Emily participated in the classes for band and dance, but, of course, had plenty of time for rides, too!

More dancing--Middle School dance recital

Her last dance competition!  Woo hoo!

Wish me luck for the rest of the month!

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