Sunday, May 14, 2017

More May Madness

High School Awards night
Great job on getting over a 4.0, Nathaniel!!!

Here he is with two of his sweet friends.  The girl on the left will be Nathaniel's date for MoPro.

Emily's last middle school band concert!  First chair, front row, baby!

This song is super long, but it's her favorite.  It's called "Among the Clouds."

Andrew is playing baseball this spring.  He loves it! 

Finally finished with her project!

Here are the boys with their spoils of victory, lol!  Michael took all the kids shopping for groceries and to get my Mother's Day gifts.  They sweet-talked him into a lot of goodies--36 count Hershey bars (!?!), Gatorade, cheeseballs, etc.!  Look how happy they are!  They all helped him make a delicious steak and shrimp dinner for me for Mother's Day.  We also played a fun game of Monopoly--Andrew won!

Finally done with all dance recitals and competitions for this school year!  Next year she will just dance at school.  I love watching her dance!!!

Here is another version of Play that Sax where I got a better view.

Ballet routine
Emily is in the back on the right in this one.  She said she was absent they day the did formations so she got stuck in the back.  Tragic, I know!


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