Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too Many Toys

And you thought VHS tapes were obsolete. Not in our house. We use them as blocks, or in this case, a tall garage for cars and trains.

Here is yet another use--a ramp for bridges.

Andrew took it upon himself to clean out Jonny's toy closet. I had been avoiding it, but he did a pretty good job getting it started. I finished up and now it's completely empty--all of the toys are organized and I put them in the upstairs playroom. I plan to use the closet for storage now.

Here is Jonny on an afternoon when he had refused to nap. On the way to pick up Emily from dance class, he covered his face with his blanket and fell fast asleep.  It's not really related to the rest of this post, but I just thought it was so cute!

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