Sunday, August 19, 2012

Washington, DC Trip Part 7

Sorry for all of the "parts" to our trip.  Blogger tends to freeze up on me if I try to do too many pictures in one post.

On Tuesday, Michael took the car.  He dropped us off at the Library of Congress, and we hung out there for a little bit before we went on our tour of the US Capitol.  The Library of Congress was beautiful.  Everywhere you look, there is marble and beautiful floors and mosaics.  We spent a little time in the children’s area, which the kids all enjoyed. 

We then walked to the Cannon Office Building, where we went to Representative Martha Roby’s office.  They had tried to get us tickets to tour the White House which didn't work out, but we were grateful that they offered us a private tour of the US Capitol.  Two of her interns, John Jacobs and Caroline Madison, took us on the tour.  They were so sweet and so patient with the kids.  The kids were really good.  It was a pretty long tour.  I think we were there for about an hour and a half.  Jonathan fell asleep, of course.  We walked through the underground tunnels to get from Representative Roby’s office to the US Capitol building.  It was a wonderful tour. 

After the tour, we decided to go back to the Library of Congress.  That was a big mistake.  As soon as we got there, Jonathan tripped and fell getting on an elevator and ended up with a fat lip.  We couldn’t find anyone who could give us a cold pack, and finally they sent us through the maze of tunnels to another building with a health office.  He was fine and healed in a couple of days, thankfully.  After that, we took the Metro back to the hotel for dinner and to play in the pool. 

In this picture, the Library of Congress is behind us.  It was a beautiful day!

Here is Jonny playing with a puzzle in the children's area.  He LOVES puzzles.

In front of the Library of Congress

In the US Capitol, each state has two statues.  This is a statue of Brigham Young, for the state of Utah.

This is the statue of Helen Keller, for the state of Alabama.  It is the only one that you are allowed to touch.  Jonathan was snoozing in his stroller again.

Here we are back at Representative Roby's office with our intern tour guides. 

Another amazing day in DC!!!

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