Sunday, August 19, 2012

Washington, DC Trip Part 9

On Thursday we went back to the National Museum of American History.  Michael dropped us off again.  My favorite exhibit was the First Ladies one, where they displayed some of their fancy dresses.  Emily really liked the Star Spangled Banner exhibit, and she even sang while we looked at the actual flag that inspired the song.  We had lunch at the Regan Building for the last time, then took the Metro back to the hotel.  We played in the pool, had dinner, and went to bed early! 

On Friday, Michael took the car again and we took the Metro into the mall to see both National Art Galleries.  I don’t think the kids enjoyed it very much, but it was what I had wanted to see the most and I loved it.  They were pretty good, though.  We went back to the hotel and walked across the street to McDonald’s for a late lunch, then back to the room to pack. 

We were so sad to go home on Saturday.  The drive took forever because there was a lot of traffic in Virginia.  We lost at least two hours just sitting in traffic, and we didn’t get home until 3am.  However, we made it home safely and for that I was very grateful.

Emily with Dorothy's ruby slippers

Sunstone from the Nauvoo temple

Daniel with Kermit the Frog

Emily at the First Ladies exhibit; that dress was Mary Todd Lincoln's

The kids love their tye-dye DC shirts.  Nathaniel chose a more "mature" one with the president's seal.  It was like we were walking around with a neon "WE ARE TOURISTS" sign, but they were so cute in them.  This picture was taken at the Archives Metro station.

This is a relief sculpture of Robert Gould Shaw as he leads the US Civil War's first all-black volunteer company.  I know Nathaniel looks bored in the picture, but he thought this sculpture was really cool.

Lavender Mist by Jackson Pollock

This was the kids' favorite thing about the National Gallery of Art.  Since we had the stroller, it was easier to take the elevator, and this one was the biggest one we've ever seen.  "We could fit our car in here!" they said.

We had so much fun in DC!!!!!!!!

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